WordPress developer portfolio

WordPress developer portfolio

WordPress developer portfolio

Web developer portfolio is plugin design to showcase screenshots. Of your choice using Shortcode, portfolio items are displayed on any page. A portfolio is like a resume for web developers. You can prove your competence with a personal portfolio instead of listing your skill on a resume in the traditional way. WordPress developer portfolio

What should a developer portfolio include?

  • The contact information is easy to find
  • Context provides
  • Relevant skills
  • Education
  • Source code documented
  • Personal Project
  • Relevant experience
  • Relevant social media profiles
  • Your photo
  • Awards/special recognition


WordPress developer portfolio in Pakistan:

Saeed developer:

Saeed developer is best in Networking site and Website development. You can also learn related to computer science and IT by reading the article on its site. On the portfolio of Saeed developer you can find the information bout:

  • About Author
  • Its skills
  • Articles about tech
  • His work experience

You can get better knowledge from their video tutorials.

Jack Jeznach:

Jack Jeznach is a WordPress expert and is a frontend developer. On Jack Jeznach portfolio page, you find the information of:

  • Who Jack is
  • His work experience
  • Skills of Jack Jeznach
  • Articles about tech

The jack profile is very eye catchy! The color combinations work well.

Lynn Fisher:

Lynn is a digital illustrator, according to her portfolio, she is a developer and UI/UX designer. You can read more about her on Lynn’s page what work she is doing. You can also learn from her she can write articles. The portfolio of Lynn Fisher is changing every year it’s an interesting fact. If you go to the achieve page you can see the all previous interactions. We should take the advantage of this opportunity because that allows us to learn and never stop learning.

Bruno Simon:

At various companies, Bruno Simon used to be the lead developer, but currently, he is also a freelancer and a teacher. An interaction game Bruno’s portfolio is actually. You can see the information like,

WordPress developer portfolio
WordPress developer portfolio
  • Personal projects
  • Work experience
  • Social media website where he is active.

Gift Egwuenu:

Gift Egwuenu is a content writer and front-end developer. For several years she worked as a developer and she has vast experience in tech. If you want to be read all about the Gift then visit the portfolio page and also see her work experience. The articles she writes you can also read and up to date. Few colors and animations make the portfolio simple and beautiful.

Jason Lengstorf:

Jason is a software architect, software developer, and content creator. In software development, he has a significant amount of experience that is also shown on his portfolio. The profile of Jason Lengstorf is the most creative portfolio.

Annie Bombanie:

Annie Bombanie was currently a developer but previously a designer. Looking at her portfolio you see she was previously a designer. Annie’s portfolio is colorful and has a personality. They work well together. One thing I do not like in the Annie portfolio she included testimonials from people she collaborated with.



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