Website design Davis

Website design Davis

Website design Davis

Located in Davis, CA Abaton Consulting, provides videography, photography, and website design, and non-profit and for your small business other digital media services. For your internet marketing solutions packages designed specifically, we can create a complete and affordable. Thoughtfully designed WordPress Content Management system, And stunning videography creates visually engaging, evocative imagery and the online experience memorable online.

With website design service bar your customer into your business from the Abaton Consulting- Website Design Studio.

Website Design Portfolio

Since 2009, for the small/medium business and not-profits affordable websites, Abaton Consulting has been creating elegant. In Davis, CA we serve customers located, in the Sacramento Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area. Southern California and the United States few locations across. More robust HTML-CCS-based designs range from simple and feature-rich WordPress website installation.

For the customer that meets the needs of online marketing resources, the goal is to create and build. To determine we work together on which feature soy needs and your business needs that support ten create and one that your customers enjoy visiting.


For your branding activities and your online marketing, your website is an important part. Through using more traditional methods and online marketing wither you are driving traffic to your website, about what our business shoes and who you are, and of information to access a wealth of information visitors will enable. For online communication your website is critical. When people visit has the right information ready and viable. For business let your customers know you are. With the hip go the Abaton Consulting in Davis you will be away ahead of the competition.

Of the online marketing Example

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • SMS 9text) messaging

In traditional advertising some examples

  • Television
  • Coupons
  • Mailers
  • Billboards
  • Newspaper

You’re online marketing efforts where you are focusing?

In a very recent report, of the Americans the majority vast- 97%- of some kind now on a cellphone. Now 85% own a smartphone the share of Americans owns, IN 2011 smartphone ownership conducted a few research centers’ first surveys. Additionally, globally there are 5.2 billion mobile phone owners and through mobile phones overall web traffic comes.

To you what downs this mean? Through the mobile search or mobile display to reach your target audience to be able it means what your business and your website need. To a variety to be responsive your website needs viewing formats with mobile users and with the mobile emphasis on connecting. For your mobile customer if you are ready, through your door they ever walk you may lose their business before.

Design Services

Custom Website Design

WordPress Website with a custom-designed, and you also tell us the design that you like to create your vision we also work with you. Then the content pages on the home page can have a different design, a spiffy photo slideshow you can have, and also an interactive calendar, in a database with the results stored perhaps a professional survey, with your custom website let us know what you want.

Stock web design

Have a website up fast select one of our WordPress demo sites. Include your title the header will be modified to also include in your title; you’re provided the photos and the logo, and the font styles and colors you can choose. Or for a fully custom design as a starting point for our demo sites, you can choose.

To Blog or Not;

Join the blogging world. Or not. A blogging platform WordPress is not just blogging. For you, that emphasized your website we can create a custom WordPress site for you or your blog. For example with the bloc design, our client portfolio views our demo sites or checks out. Their site includes many of our clients, some don’t. The choice is yours.

Database Applications and Web Forms

On a web page see the display and to be able to query do you have data you want web users? In a database with the results online test or a web survey perhaps? As the storage database uses MySQL in PHP using we can create web applications like these.

 Updates and Maintenance

With WordPress, your website yourself you can maintain. Don’t worry, to email with the questions you are welcome, and to use WordPress we provided detailed instructions on hot. However, to provide the assistance you can pay with the complicated UPDATES AND WITH THE TECHNICAL SUPPORT, as we bill in full hours we recommend you save up.

With the updating plugins don’t want? On your aide want less maintenance? A fully-custom design rather, On we can build you a site. Between a self-hosted, the differences here’s a great article explaining on site.

Statistics Site Tracking

For free many web hosts provide web tracking. Within your web host account you simply noble the web tracking service. For a Google Analytics account to handle the link between your website we install a plugin with the tracking code you provide us. The Jetpack plugin another alternative is which provides the site statistics.

Website design Davis
Website design Davis

Search Engine Optimization

Highly SEO-capable WordPress is by nature. For your pages is equally important as the content you write. For your site folds would use to make see your text contains key phrases and use descriptive page titles. Aloes, to your site another website, links the more frequently, by search engine algorithm a factored taken into account. Tooters to promote your site don’t be afraid.

Domain Registration and Web Hosting

microtechsols We do not host a website, to obtain an affordable web host provider through the process we can guide you where the domain name and set up a hosting account you can register. For a custom website, set a specific web host provider we do not requires; however, in terms of the site speed, management, and technical support we have found GreenGeeks and SiteGround to be the best hosts.

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