Vapor honing technologies

Vapor honing technologies

Vapor honing technologies

Vapor Honing Technologies (VHT) is a company that specializes in manufacturing highquality equipment for wet blasting also known as vapor honing or vapor blasting. This process uses a mixture of water abrasive media and compressed air to clean and finish a wide range of materials.

The VHT process is a versatile and efficient method of removing rust paint and other contaminants from metal surfaces. It also produces a smooth uniform finish that is ideal for preparing parts for painting or other surface treatments.

In this article we will explore the various aspects of Vapor Honing Technologies and its wet blasting equipment including its features benefits applications and maintenance.

Features of VHT Equipment

VHT offers a wide range of wet blasting equipment to meet the needs of various industries from automotive to aerospace. Some of the key features of VHT equipment include:

HighQuality Materials:

VHT equipment is made from highquality materials to ensure durability and longevity. The company uses stainless steel brass and other noncorrosive materials to prevent rust and other forms of deterioration.

Precision Controls:

VHT equipment is equipped with precision controls that allow operators to adjust the water pressure media flow rate and air pressure to achieve the desired results.


VHT equipment can be used with a variety of media including glass beads aluminum oxide and plastic media. This versatility makes it ideal for cleaning and finishing a wide range of materials from aluminum and stainless steel to plastic and composites.


VHT equipment is designed for maximum efficiency with highspeed blasting nozzles that can clean and finish parts quickly and effectively.

Benefits of VHT Equipment

VHT equipment offers numerous benefits over traditional cleaning and finishing methods including:


VHT equipment produces a consistent finish that is free from scratches burrs and other imperfections.

Reduced Labor Costs:

VHT equipment can reduce labor costs by automating the cleaning and finishing process which saves time and money.

Environmentally Friendly:

VHT equipment uses water and media instead of harsh chemicals making it an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cleaning methods.

Improved Surface Preparation:

VHT equipment prepares surfaces for painting and other surface treatments ensuring better adhesion and longerlasting finishes.

Applications of VHT Equipment

VHT equipment is used in a variety of industries including:


VHT equipment is used to clean and finish engine parts suspension components and other automotive parts.


VHT equipment is used to clean and finish aircraft components such as landing gear and engine parts.


VHT equipment is used to clean and finish medical implants and other medical devices.


VHT equipment is used to clean and finish gun parts including barrels triggers and receivers.


VHT equipment is used to clean and finish industrial parts such as pumps valves and machinery components.

Maintenance of VHT Equipment

Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and performance of VHT equipment. Some of the key maintenance tasks include:

Regular Cleaning:

VHT equipment should be cleaned after each use to prevent media buildup and corrosion.

Media Management:

VHT equipment should be equipped with a media separator to remove debris and prevent contamination.

Component Replacement:

VHT equipment should be inspected regularly for wear and tear and components should be replaced as needed.


VHT equipment should be calibrated regularly to ensure accurate pressure and flow rates.


Vapor Honing Technologies offers highquality wet blasting equipment that is versatile efficient and environmentally friendly. Its equipment can be used in a wide range of industries and applications from automotive to medical and is designed for maximum efficiency and precision. By

Vapor honing technologies
Vapor honing technologies

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