Online computer course in Faisalabad

Online computer course in Faisalabad

Online computer course in Faisalabad

The world has become digital and this digitalism grows day by day. The computer is used in almost every field of our life, no matter it is personal or professional. In our personal lives, we use the computer as a source of fun and facility while in our professional life; we use this incredible device for documentation and other purposes. It is also widely used in the field of education, science, commerce, and many more.

The computer is easy to operate but for those who know its basics. People learn computers to meet their personal, professional, and educational needs and requirements in other fields of their life. If you are also one of those who want to learn basic, computer courses in Faisalabad and from any place with the rest of your house then you are at the right place. I am here with a wonderful and beneficial solution for you.

Faisalabad is one of the biggest and most highly populated cities in Pakistan. MicrotechSols aimed to educate people in the field of computers and make them an inspiration for success for others like Bill Gates and Zuckerberg. MicrotechSols has offered multiple short termed computer courses by which you can learn basic skills and easily operate a computer for personal and official use.

About MicroTechSols

MicroTechSols is an IT institute based in Faisalabad, Pakistan, and provides IT services all around the world. They are a team of professionals who are providing multiple services like Web Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Writing, and many more. A creative person “Muhammad Saeed” establishes MicroTechSols. They have more than 6 years of experience in the IT field.

Now, MicroTechSols is aimed to educate people in the field of IT and enable them to take advantage of technology. For this purpose, they are running their Blog website that provides information to people about technology and the usage of technology. They also introduced a series of short courses to enable people to learn computers in a short time.

Online computer course in Faisalabad
Online computer course in Faisalabad

Offered Courses | Online computer course in Faisalabad

  1. Social Media Marketing 


  • Develop marketing skills on social media
  • Practicals to clear concepts
  • Certification

Fee: 25000 PKR/Complete Courses

Duration: Three Months

  1. Office Management 


  • Project, documentation, worksheets management
  • Practicals to clear the concepts
  • Certification

Fee: 8000 PKR/Complete Course

Duration: Three Months

What are the benefits of courses offered by MicrotechSols? 

When you took the incentive to do something then do something big. If you want to do computer courses then you should select an institute or person who has in-depth knowledge. MicrotechSols introduced short courses in which you can learn from professionals. Some of the basic benefits that you will get from this institution are mentioned below:

  • Short Duration

One of the major benefits is short duration. Some people, especially students do not have too much time to spend learning additional skills along with their studies. Therefore, MicrotechSols offers short courses in which you can learn basic and advanced computer skills on a short-term basis.

  • Comprehensive Knowledge 

The teaching team at MicroTechSols offers comprehensive knowledge to clear all the concepts of students. They know how to encourage and enhance the skills of students. You will be able to do everything practically that you learned in the course.

  • Conduct Practicals 

They teach students thoroughly and conduct practicals to clear all the concepts of students that they learn in the course. They enable their students to apply the knowledge that they get through the course practically.

  • Certification 

After the successful completion of courses, the students will be rewarded with certification, which helps them to take a job in the computer field.

How to enroll in courses offered by MicroTechSols

If you want to learn basic computer skills then you should enroll yourself in MicroTechSols. Enroll yourself as soon as possible because they offer a 40% discount to the first 15 students. So, do not think anymore and take benefit. Contact them to enroll yourself using the contact details given below:

Contact Details



Why choose MicroTechSols | Online computer course in Faisalabad

MicroTechSols is one of the greatest options for those who cannot go to any specific campuses to learn computers. They offer online courses as well as physical courses but both have the same benefits. They are also a great option because they are experienced in the It field which is proved by their blog and website.

In addition, they have a professional and skilled team that do every type of effort to clear the student’s concepts related to their courses. They offer certified courses with deep knowledge. One of the major benefits of this institute is that they offer a 40% discount for the first 15 students.

So, do not waste your time. Enroll first and get a discount. Took the first step with MicroTechSols towards your journey to be a professional in the IT and computer field.

How MicroTechSols is different from others?

Many institutes are offering short courses but they cannot be like MicroTechSols. The things that make MicroTechSols different are their experience, expertise, and their success in the field of IT and computers. They are running their websites successfully and serving their customers internationally. They offer courses in two ways:

  • Online Classes:

With MicroTechSols, you can learn about computers online. They facilitate online students with video lectures and clear their concepts with practicals. You do not need to go to any specific campus or area, you can learn with the rest of your home. The only thing that you have to do is to arrange any digital device like a computer and mobile phone with a strong internet connection.

  • Physical Classes:

MicroTechSols also offer physical classes where they create the best computer-learning environment for their students. Their computer lab is equipped with everything that students need to learn computers. Students just have to enroll in specific courses and take classes.

Other institutions either teach online or offer face-to-face classes but MicroTechSols do both. They also facilitate people who are taking face-to-face classes and those who are taking online classes. In this way, MicroTechSols is different from others.

Final Words | Online computer course in Faisalabad

Start your journey to be professional in your field by learning computers with MicroTechSols. Do not waste your time and enroll as soon as possible to take a discount. You can contact them using contact details.

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