Office Management Computer Course in Faisalabad

Office Management Computer Course in Faisalabad

Office Management Computer Course in Faisalabad

Office management is the ideal course for those who are working in an institute and have the bulk of files, documents, worksheets, and many more to deal with. This course is beneficial for workers as well as for organizations because by this course people learn to manage working time, communication skills, management of files and documents, and many more.

If you are living in Faisalabad and want to learn office management courses at very reasonable prices then you can consider “MicroTechSols.” MicroTechSols is an IT company that offers exclusive IT and computer services all around the world.

Introduction to MicroTechSols | Office Management Computer Course in Faisalabad

Micro Tech Sols is an IT or software hub based in Faisalabad, Pakistan but serves people internationally. They provide web development services and solutions to problems related to web or web development. In addition, they also provide SEO, content creation, and many more services in this field. Mr. Muhammad Saeed is the person behind this wonderful institute and inspiring youngsters to be successful in the IT field.

Office Management Computer Course in Faisalabad
Office Management Computer Course in Faisalabad

Newly, Micro Tech Sols has introduced short computer courses and office management is one of them. They offer all the concepts in their courses along with practicals to clear the student’s concepts. The course that they offer is based on physical + online classes. You can learn either physically or by taking online classes.

Features of the Course Office Management and fee schedule


·        All general concepts

·        Microsoft office software

·        Documentation

·        typing

·        worksheets

·        Practicals



·        8000 PKR / Complete Course

·        Source in a reasonable fee

·        Computer lab

·        Expert faculty

·        Certification



·        3 Months

·        Learn all the basic concepts in 3 months

·        Enable to do everything practically after the completion of the course


The first 15 students are facilitated by providing 40% discount

MicroTechSols’ Learning System | Office Management Computer Course in Faisalabad

All the institutes have their distinct learning system. Some offer just physical classes, some of them offer online classes, and some offers both physical + online classes. MicroTechSols also offers physical (Face-to-Face) classes and Online Classes.

  • Physical Classes

In physical classes, students collaborate with teachers face-to-face. Teachers give direct Head-on lecture, which is based on direct questioning from students and answers from the teacher. MicroTechSols offers physical classes where they provide a good computer-learning environment to their students and completely facilitate them with all the necessary things like computers and the internet.

  • Online Classes

In online classes, a collaboration between students and teachers is based on video lectures, group video calls, or another online system. In video call lectures, students can directly ask questions from teachers while in only video lectures, students ask their questions in the comment section or message.

MicroTechSols also offers online classes that are based on video lectures. They also facilitate their students and enable them to implement everything practically that they learned in the course. However, students need to arrange devices like computers or mobile phones and the internet on their own.

Benefits of this Course

MicroTechSols have immense insight into how to enable their students to learn computer skills and implement them practically. They offer comprehensive knowledge to their students and enable them to operate a computer for office management. The major benefits that you can get in the course by MicroTechSols are mentioned below:

  • In-Depth Knowledge

MicroTechSols make efforts to provide in-depth knowledge to students and thoroughly clear their concepts within the lectures. They implement the systematic method and teach everything day by day and time by time. They find out a person’s skills and polish them to enhance their skills.

  • Complete Practical

They also conduct practicals along with theory to clear the concept of their students. People learn more rapidly with practicals as compared to learning theories. MicroTechSols know well how to enable their students to practically implement their knowledge. It helps them to manage their office work in the future.

  • Certificate 

They offer certified courses. Micro Tech Sols is a registered institute that offered certification after the successful completion of the course.

Contact Information

If you are looking online office management course then your search is over because MicrotechSols brought a wonderful opportunity for you to learn Office Management Computer courses by physical as well as online classes. Contact them using their email address or visit the office.

Why MicroTechSols

MicroTechSols is one of the best IT institutes, which serves people globally. Usually, it is a web development service based in Pakistan but offers services globally. They serve their customers with web development, web development solutions, SEO, content creation, and many more. The reason to consider this institution for office management course is that they are skillful in IT and computer field.

They have over 6 years of experience in this field. Therefore, they have a broad knowledge of the computer and IT industry. They know which skill is better for people to learn which enables them to earn money. Office management course is simple but they give expertise to their students, which help them in their professional and educational fields.

In addition, their blog is running successfully which also plays a vital role in educating people and providing them with useful information.

What you will learn in the Office Management course?

In the office management course, you will learn to manage your office work. You will learn the usage of Microsoft Office Software like MS Office and MS PowerPoint. In addition, you will learn to work with documents, files, worksheets, and many more.

MicroTechSols clear all your concepts by conducting practicals with the lecture. So, take benefit of this opportunity.

Why do people learn through short courses?

Short courses are conducted to make people aware of computers and enable them to do computer jobs in the future using their skills. Some people do not have an interest in computers so they do not learn about computers but want to know their usage. Therefore, short courses are specially made for those who want to learn computer skills in a very short time that is why they consider short courses.

Conclusion | Office Management Computer Course in Faisalabad

Micro Tech Sols brought great computer courses for people based on the short term. Therefore, you do not need any book to learn the usage of computers in office management. You should enroll yourself in an office management course in Micro Tech Sols if you want to learn office management.


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