How much is keyboard cat worth

How much is keyboard cat worth

How much is keyboard cat worth


Keyboard Cat is an iconic internet meme that first gained popularity in 2007 when a video featuring a cat playing a keyboard was uploaded to YouTube. The meme has since become a cultural phenomenon with numerous remixes parodies and merchandise featuring the beloved feline.

In this article we will explore the value of Keyboard Cat both in terms of its cultural significance and financial worth.

Cultural Value:

Keyboard Cat has become a staple of internet culture with millions of views and countless references in popular media. The meme has inspired a sense of nostalgia and humor among its fans and its catchy tune and lovable cat have earned a place in internet history.

Financial Value:

The financial value of Keyboard Cat can be seen through its merchandise sales licensing agreements and intellectual property rights. The original video creator Charlie Schmidt has licensed Keyboard Cat image and likeness to numerous companies including Tshirts mugs and plush toys. In addition the meme has been featured in advertisements TV shows and movies earning revenue from royalties and licensing fees.

According to reports the Keyboard Cat franchise has generated over $600000 in revenue as of 2021 with the potential for even more earnings in the future.


In conclusion the value of Keyboard Cat extends beyond its entertainment and cultural significance. The meme has become a profitable business venture with its merchandise and licensing agreements generating significant revenue. However the true value of Keyboard Cat lies in its ability to bring joy and laughter to millions of people worldwide making it a beloved icon of internet culture.

How much is keyboard cat worth
How much is keyboard cat worth

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