Computer stands for

Computer stands for

Computer stands for

Computer is an device or machine perform processes, operation based and calculations on instructions provided by a program it’s an electronic device. Computer stands for

Computers Evolution:

Since centuries the computers which we see today are modern shape. In following three states the evolution is generally divides.

  1. Mechanical Era ( Dark age)
  2. Electro Mechanical Era (Middle Age)
  3. Electronic Era (Modern Age)

Computer stands for:

Computer stands for
Computer stands for
  1. Computer: Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for trade, Education and Research.
  2. Computer: Common Operating Machine Particularly Used fro trade, Education and Research
  3. Computer: Common Oriented Machine Particularly Trade Education and Research
  4. Computer: Commonly Operating machine particularly for Technical and Education research.
  5. Computer: Common Oriented Made possible Under Technical Engineering Researchers
  6. Computer: Computing Oriented Manipulating programming Used in Technology Education and Research
  7. Computer: Common Oriented Machine purely Used Technical and Educational Research
  8. Computer: Common operating machine particularly for trade Education and Research
  9. Computer: Compute Operating Memory Particularly Transfer Educational Research
  10. Computer: Commonly operating machine program useful technology electronic research
  11. Computer: Complicated Office Machine Put Under Tremendous Effort to Reduce manpower.
  12. Computer: Commonly Operated Machine Particularly in Technical Education and Research.

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