Computer hardware definition

Computer hardware definition | Basic, History & Types of the Computer Hardware

Computer hardware definition | Basic, History & Types of the Computer Hardware

Computer hardware is on which is attaches with your system. It’s a collection of all the parts which you can physically touch. On a computer system if you want to work you need both hardware and software on the computer. Computer hardware definition | Basic, History & Types of the Computer Hardware

Such as computer cases some hardware components are easy to recognize, keyboard and monitor. There are many types of different types of hardware components. In computer hardware include the physical parts of a computer, like the central processing unit, monitor, mouse, keyboard, computer data storage, and motherboard.

TO the computer and its related devices the computer hardware refers the physical parts. Printers, keyboards, mice and scanners are external hardware. TH external hardware’s are called the peripheral and internal hardware parts of a computer is called the components. Computer hardware is physical components to function a computer system required.


The computer hardware starting at 1960 front eh vacuum tube to the solid-state device it is marked by conversion., like the transistor later the integrated circuit. The father of the hardware is Charles Babbage.

Basics of computer hardware:

A computer has two main parts its software and hardware to perform its various operations. Without the part of the hardware, the computer may not perform the software functions and vice versa. Like other machines shared ware is also physical components that are attached to the PC.

Components of Hardware:

The most important hardware component is the motherboard that holds all parts of the computer like CPU, motherboard, and various others. And for better functioning the USB devices, joystick, modem, microphones and many more. To the CPU and Central processing unit, there are many components attached t it and is also called the brain of the computer. Inside CPU and memory an important components stores all the information in your computer. For external storage device like USB, flash drive, external hard disk there is also points to be connected for memory storage.

Example of a computer system:

Computer hardware definition
Computer hardware definition
  • RAM
  • Central Processing Unit
  • Motherboard
  • Monitor
  • Hard Disk Drive

Types of the computer used in the computer:

A common and different type of hardware is used area mentioned below:

  • RAM
  • Hard Disk
  • Cabinet Case
  • Motherboard
  • CPU
  • SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply)
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Speakers and more.

The upper devices are more common in the hardware devices these are used for better functionality or additional features.


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