Can you see who views your Facebook videos

Can you see who views your Facebook videos?

Can you see who views your Facebook videos?

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with many users and offers many features. On Facebook, you also find out who sees your Facebook video. If you want to see how many views their Facebook videos have, what you need can be read and found. Curiosity, on social media, out of the ordinary is something. Who reads us on Facebook? We all would like to know, through our jokes on Twitter, who spies on us on Instagram or if there is someone.

During the Facebook live video to your stream, you can read the names of those following you as they connect.

My Facebook video who viewed:

In general, is there a way to find out who has seen our video or profile on Facebook? To do this, is there a formal way? In this social network, we have to say that due to the policies, You cannot easily understand this. The story is a little different. In Android and operating systems, note that the Facebook application by updating, you can find out who can see your videos.

Can you see who views your Facebook videos
Can you see who views your Facebook videos

On IOS, how it works:

  • First, on your phone, you need to open the Facebook application.
  • Menu price select.
  • Scroll down the setting, and the privacy option will appear.
  • In this section, you will see a new option called the privacy shortcut.
  • To find out who has seen your Facebook profile, then select who viewed my Facebook.

In Android, how to work:

On the Android Operating System, you can also do this easily. Of CourseCourse, on your phone with the Facebook Android application installed, we remind you that you must have at least one version.

  1. First, enter the menu in the Facebook application.
  2. The privacy shortcut option is selected.
  3. Select who viewed my Facebook and select the show more privacy settings options.

Who viewed my Facebook video?

There is generally no exact way to find out who has seen my Facebook video. Unlike Instagram, the visitor of the footage alone precisely, but this is not available on Facebook. There is only one way to post the live video on Facebook: who has seen the live video? You can find out.

On Facebook, a video has been viewed. Can you tell how many?

On Android phones, this option is not currently available, and unfortunately, through computers, it can be seen through, as follows laptops and IOS phones.

On IOS phones

For iPhones and iPads in the Facebook application, you can easily see the number of views below the video after the video is released.

On PCs and Laptops:

For video views on Facebook, if you use a computer or laptop, post below the video, you can see the number after sharing. Of CourseCourse, this method is easier and more accurate on the phone. In the desktop version of the Facebook application, you can also use the analytics data of each video separately to see the number of views?


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